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Experience all the excitement of Texas Hold’em!
Sit at the table, touch the cards, observe the other players and test your skills. GT Poker is the first Poker Room in San Marino, a room that opened on 23 April 2011 that can accommodate up to 200 players. Giochi del Titano is a national reference point for all the most talented players, thanks to the most accredited tournaments hosted here.
How to play Texas Hold’em
Texas Hold’em is one of the most famous variants of Poker. The dealer deals each player two hole cards. Five more cards are laid out on the table. The aim is to make the highest value hand, using five cards in total from the two held by the players and the five community cards of the dealer. Careful observation of the opponents’ behaviour and the assessment of the probabilities are decisive factors during all phases of the game. At the Poker Room of Giochi del Titano, you can participate in scheduled tournaments or play at the Cash Game tables. The choice is yours!
GT Poker Tournaments

Any type of player can sit at our tables, with buy-ins accessible to all. There is no shortage of top players at the Poker Room, as the most internationally relevant tournaments are hosted:


Visit our dedicated Poker Room site, where you can find all the information and schedules of scheduled tournaments.

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