Corporate Governance

The Company Giochi del Titano Spa was founded the 2nd of May 2007 in the Republic of San Marino. San Marino is the sole shareholder with the 100% of share capital. Share capital: € 3.650.000.

The Company’s corporate purpose is the following activity: management of the spaces in which gaming activities, governed by Law No. 67 of 25 July 2000 and subsequent amendments and additions, take place. The organization and management of events, shows and dining options in the headquarters.

Governance e management

Chairnan: Stefano Raggi
Board of Directors:
Domenico Bernardini
Luca Lazzari
Davide Ugolini
General Manager: Salvatore Caronia

The company Giochi del Titano Spa employs more than 100 people, including employees and collaborators 

Giochi del Titano Spa has adopted the Organisation, Management and Control Model pursuant to Law 99/2013. The company’s model has also obtained external and institutional certification, in the form of an asseveration, from the Alma Mater Studiorum of the University of Bologna in the person of Professor Massimiliano Zanigni, Professor of Law in Business Economics.

Code of Ethics 

Anti-Corruption Policy 

Anti-Corruption Guidelines

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