Wengè Room

This is the entrance to Giochi del Titano, where you are immediately immersed in a unique atmosphere in which to spend an unforgettable evening focused on excitement and fun.
In this room, our staff will welcome you to carry out the compulsory registration by presenting an identity document.
If you want to speed up the entry phase, apply for a personal, free Membership Card. The card allows direct access to the gaming rooms and offers the possibility of discounts and benefits.
Once you have registered, the professionalism and discretion of our staff will accompany you during your stay in our gaming rooms, which are divided into:

• smoking area;
• non-smoking area.

The ventilation system, which allows for an average of 100 percent room air exchange every four minutes, is a strong point of Giochi del Titano: wherever you go, you are greeted by a refined, fragrant and safe environment with maximum comfort.

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Join our membership

• Fast entry: with the card you speed up the identification process at entry.

• Restaurant Seven: the card entitles you to a 10% discount on service at our renowned restaurant.